ASAS trustees and members might take photos and videos of the events and activities that ASAS organises. We do this to create an archive and portfolio of the charity activities and to show to the public that we are ordinary people doing ordinary things to promote a positive difference towards adults with learning disabilities (ALD).

We use the photos and videos that we make, on our site (, our Facebook and Twitter page and in news and publicity materials (such as the newsletter)(in printed and virtual format) to inform others about the life of ASAS and what we do & services we provide. The aim is to promote services and others events; to communicate important news to members of the charity; and to provide information to individuals and organisations in the wider community.

We take seriously our responsibility for online and offline privacy and safeguarding, which is why we have produced this document.

We might take photos and videos at various events ASAS organises, that often involve large groups of people, those includes service provider staff, service users, family members, visitors, and any other individuals. This makes it impossible, on a practical level, to obtain the consent of every person that might appear in a photograph or video clip, and to try to do so would be unmanageable. Instead, we have adopted an approach that informs those who come to services and other events that we take and use photographs and have put in place clear procedures to safeguard the rights of those who appear in photographs.

Our photo policy has six key elements:

1 – We make it clear to the members of the charity and regular service users (and aim, where we can, to make it clear to everybody else) that we might take and use photographs and videos. We aim to provide a point of contact for dealing with matters relating to the use of images: Mr Frederick Sarran, Treasurer & PR, [email protected] / 07936 696457.

2 – If we use a photograph of you that you would like us to remove, you have only to ask and it will be deleted. It’s as simple as that. If you want us to remove a photograph or edit it, if we can, to remove you, please get in touch with the above contact, telling us where on the site you saw the picture and, if possible, giving its title.

3 – We don’t name or otherwise identify children and adults with learning disabilities (ALD) in photographs unless we have permission to do so and will only name or otherwise identify ALD where the context requires it and, where possible, we have asked permission.

4 – All our images are copyright, and we discourage the copying and other unauthorised use of our images by adding a copyright notice on the used format.

5 – We try to take shots of groups rather than individuals and avoid close-up, full face shots – especially of children – unless the context really makes it necessary. In that case we carefully consider the choice of picture and.

6 – Individuals can contact us at any time to discuss our use of images or to comment on any aspect of this policy.

Publishing your photos: If you have good-quality photos you would like us to publish, please let us know, and we’ll tell you what to do next.